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Gelato of Campi di Fragole

Our Gelato

  1. It is created according to the artisan tradition
    that we incorporate in our work process.

  2. It is related to the taste, senses, emotions
    related to the noise of the milk pasteurizer, the aroma of melted chocolate, and the essence of peeled fresh fruit.

  3. It is immune to fads pertaining
    to the choice of tastes, limited and related to seasonality.

  4. The innovation
    leads to constant growth thanks to the attention paid to nuances of taste in the workshop.

  5. It is more clearly
    defined due to the exaltation of the nuances, the result of careful sensory research, raw materials and processing methods.

  6. It is the result of the direct human relationship with suppliers,
    from which the first choice are small companies that are able to share our point of view: only a relationship with those who believe in your product, allows you to get the best from our partners.

  7. It is a sincere
    guarantee and such a certification is not an end but a means, which allow us to guarantee transparency, goodness and digestibility of our products.