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Life in the shop

Our selling points

  1. It's a meeting point:
    In our shop the customer is always welcomed with a smile.

  2. It's a healthy break:
    Our gelato is a moment to relax in a friendly and cool place.

  3. It's information:
    not only on the gelato but also on the processing methods, the machinery, the raw materials.

  4. It's care in the preparation of the cones:
    because the gelato is also an aesthetic experience.

  5. It's attention and manual skill:
    the very last manipulation of the gelato determines its taste and consumption.

  6. It's a landmark for children, yesterday like today:
    the gelato maker is a familiar figure in every child's imagination.

  7. it's there for advice:
    the gelato maker can tell you about seasons and flavours, he's your tourist guide to help you through different flavours and pleasures.