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Share our dream

Become an artisan businessman

We can't sell a dream. But we can share it .
Our philosophy has always been based on two concepts: excellence of the product and made in Italy production. But we want more than that.

Our gelato is definitely a product of Italian excellence and based on natural ingredients; we believe in our tradition and in the respect of the men, of the places and the products that these places produce. There's more: we want to share with you the "passion", the "spirit", the genuinity which are the substance our job needs to feed of and carry the name "Campi di fragole", a name that is both simple and noble at the same time. We ask you for commitment and we offer you a new way of conceiving your job: work, research, exprerimentation must come before anything else, even profit.

Pleasure: is also important for us: the pleasure in visiting the farms of our suppliers or the pleasure in picking up berries in the fileds, like the blakberries we pick in September and that we transform into one of our customers' favourite flavours. The happiness we see in the faces of our customers, Italians and foreigners, that taste our gelato, both in the classic flavours and the new ones. We are ready to share our life style and our philosophy: in the contract you sign, it is clearly indicated that we are going to teach you our job, we will pass our experience to you and with that, the guarantee of our quality.

This is more than an invitation to a franchisng, it is an invitation to an artisanal start up : unique and fulfilling, that you can't miss if you are looking for a truly extraordinary adventure.