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Who we are


Campi di Fragole starts on the 4th of April 1996 in Riccione thanks to Giovanni Occhialini and Michele Santini.

The idea was, and still is, to produce artisanal gelato starting from the highest quality raw materials, researching and rediscovering recipes, creating, a product and flavours that made the Italian gelato so unique.

The choice of a name for a shop is always quite difficult: we wanted an Italian name that could be associated to a moment of pleasure, of freedom. The suggestion came from one of our friends and his beautiful country house "Let me take you down 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fileds, nothing is real and nothing to get hung about ...Strawberry Fields forever" ....

At Campi di fragole you don't feel the anxiety, in times when "It's getting hard to be someone/ But it all works out" ­ you can work out your own dream. And it's a dream coloured in red but also in many other colours because we offer you a real dream, the dream that led us so far. As far as infinite if you like, by becoming partner of the Campi di fragole Gelato Shop chain and join us...

Our steps

  1. In 2005
    The gelato shop is included in one of the most famous American tourist guides "Let's Go".

  2. In 2009
    The gelato shop moves to Fano.

  3. In 2010
    A new shop opens in Calcinelli di Saltara.

  4. In 2013
    Our gelato is selected among the Excellence products of the province of Pesaro e Urbino.

  5. In 2014
    New partnership and corner points are opened.

  6. In January 2015
    Giovanni and Michele's success story is broadcast by the TV program "Sconosciuti" on the Italian Network Rai3 Channel.

  7. In May 2015
    The shop opens in Pesaro.

  8. In May 2016
    The shop opens in Riccione.

  9. In April 2017
    The shop opens in Marotta.

  10. In June 2017
    The shop opens in Lucrezia of Cartoceto.

  11. In May 2018
    The shop opens in Senigallia.

  12. In 2020
    The shop opens in Ponte di Legno e Temù.

  13. In 2021
    The shop opens in Fossombrone, Vezza d'Oglio, Riccione Viale Ceccarini and Pescara.